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How to increase FPS on a Laptop? 5 Tips

Gaming means enjoying them very much. If your laptop does not have that many FPS, you cannot play well. Many steps can increase the FPS of a laptop by ...

How to Charge a Laptop Without a  Charger? 8 Easy Tips

Hey, Are your charger lost, or are you not somewhere, and the AC adapter is not carried with you? In this article, we share some hacks on charging a laptop ...

How to Remove Sticker Residue from Laptop? [100% Fix]

Stickers advertising the laptop's specifications and features may attract attention in the stores being displayed but are no more necessary when the laptop is ...

How to Improve Gaming Performance of a Laptop or PC

Is your laptop running slowly? Can't you play basic games on your laptop or PC? Do you want to improve the gaming experience of your laptop? We will ...

https aka ms remoteconnect Minecraft [Fix 100%]

It has been a few decades since Minecraft was released; streamers and gamers are crazy about this game. Whatever you play games, you will sometimes face ...

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